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OM Holdings Limited (trading as OILMIN Field Services and Central Aviation) is a PNG Registered Company (1-63993) that has been operating in Papua New Guinea since 1992. Core expertise includes manpower (skilled and unskilled) and expert supervision for onshore seismic acquisition surveys, construction of remote camps and the subsequent management and catering services, civil construction projects including construction of rig pads, and air charter services. OILMIN pool of specialists includes Project Managers with a specific expertise in Seismic Crew Management, Tree Felling Specialists, Trainers, Drilling Managers, Bridging Managers, Civil Construction Managers, Camp Managers and Catering Managers. The primary task of these specialists is to bring their international experience and expertise to ensure safe operations. It is an OILMIN requirement that they assess our National workforce, train them, identify high achievers and mentor them into senior roles within the Company. This has been very successful and OILMIN now has National Chainsaw Supervisors registered with the National Training Council. We also have National Managers throughout OILMIN whom manage in the areas of Camp Management, Catering, Personnel, Human Resources and Logistics.

200 men camp under construction


OILMIN have several sites and facilities throughout PNG that are readily accessible when required for projects. These facilities are also strategic locations for recruiting and mobilizing personnel for projects in the Highlands, Gulf Province and Western Province.

Cutler Point facility in Port Moresby

  • Laydown area
  • Transit Camp
  • Future development planned including expansion of wharf area
Map of all the Permanent OILMIN site locations

Operations & Logistics Base in Port Moresby

  • Logistics Base to support the requirements of remote sites
  • Fully integrated workshop with certified mechanics, electricians and firefighting equipment technicians.
Gerehu Yard supervisor

Kiunga Lodge

Kiunga Lodge is located at the airstrip in Kiunga and has historically been utilized by senior Client staff during operations in Western Province. We have one of our PAC 750 aircraft based at Kiunga.

Ogoa Street Office and Accommodation – Port Moresby

  • Main Office in Port Moresby
  • 16 accommodation rooms
  • In close proximity to Client Offices

Mount Hagen Facilities

  • Office space, warehouse and workshops.
  • Accommodation in Mount Hagen
  • Strategic location for mobilizing equipment, personnel and supplies for projects in the Highlands.

The Group’s unique integrated supply chain, procurement and expediting systems enable much greater control over the purchasing and supply process than would normally be the case throughout the region. Our organisation and assets enable us to meet the challenges of providing the full range of services to meet your needs.

Mt Hagen Yard


Central Aviation is one of Papua New Guinea"'"s few charter providers offering a range of services throughout the Western, Gulf and Western Highland Provinces of PNG. The company is a division of OM Holdings Limited. With our aircraft based in Kiunga and Mt Hagen, Central Aviation is strategically placed to service the oil, gas and mining sectors as well as the general, rural and tourist charter market. We provide efficient, reliable and value-for-money aviation support with fixed wing aircraft, a "'"no compromise"'" attitude to safety and outstanding operational support. Our crews are well trained and experienced in the rigors of flying into remote airstrips in PNG. Central Aviation has a first class, purpose built maintenance facility in Mt Hagen to maintain company and client aircraft to a high standard.

  • Field Team Fly-in / Fly-out services
  • Emergency / Medevac flights
  • VIP and General Charter services
  • Aerial survey flights
  • Air Freight and logistics
  • Charters to Rural and remote airstrips


OILMIN has provided expert personnel for seismic acquisition since 1992 and since then we have worked on 88 surveys. In recent years, the global seismic industry has suffered enormously from low activity and low pricing and this has seen some of the major players such as Western Geco and CGG ceasing both marine and land acquisition. The consequence of this is that exploration companies operating in PNG will have to rely on smaller boutique seismic acquisition companies to provide the recording equipment. They in turn can rely on OILMIN’s expertise to provide the necessary services required before the commencement of recording operations. These services include logistics, Base Camps, fly camps, line clearing and bridging, survey crews, drilling and pre-loading crews and recording crews. Dependant on the size of the project, OILMIN may be tasked with fielding 200 - 700 people together with the necessary expatriate expertise (Project Manager, HSE Manager, Bridging Manager, Tree Felling Specialists, Drilling Manager and medical support).

Chainsaw Operations at Papua New Guinean Jungles
Papua New Guinean Bridging work


Where OILMIN is contracted to provide line cutting, bridging and helipads it will be necessary for standards to be defined and agreed upon before work commences. Over 25 years of bridging in PNG’s notoriously harsh terrain has enabled OILMIN to create a workable – “Practical Bridging Standard”. The standard is designed to ensure safe bridging access that is cost effective for the company and efficient for all relevant seismic departments. Tree felling is kept to a minimum but is typically required for helipads, drop zones and camp sites.


Experienced compass men are utilized to assist the specialist surveyors. They are all experienced in the use of hand held GPS units.


OILMIN was initially established as a provider of man power for seismic services and we partnered with several specialized drilling equipment providers thereby developing a healthy pool of skilled and experienced drilling personnel. OILMIN has now acquired man portable drilling equipment and can offer the complete drilling service. We also have a pool of experienced shot loaders, all fully trained and certified to Australian and PNG standards.


The recording equipment provider supplies the observers and the Party Chief. OILMIN provides the crews necessary for equipment laydown and pickup and for data harvesting.

Seismic drilling opertions


When experience counts our history speaks for itself. We are as comfortable managing a 10 man fly camp as we are a 2,000 man permanent facility, with all the relevant systems, processes and people to do so. Whether it be a temporary facility such as a construction camp or a remote oil and gas drilling camp, we can put together a team with the right experience to maximise its potential. The key asset we can offer you is our people. Qualified catering teams, skilled maintenance tradespeople, dedicated back-of-house cleaning and janitorial crews - all managed by competent and accomplished camp managers who can bring a team together. We are also a registered training organisation in PNG with established relationships to other training organisations in Australia. Training is paramount to our business ethic - we invest in our people.
Highly progressed systems are critical to the success of OILMIN. Identifying critical control points and managing them in detail is paramount. Offering a complete logistics solution, we have complete control, from purchasing to the plate.

OILMIN Kitchen at Kerema

A snapshot of our Camp/Facility Management and Catering systems include

  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Assurance
  • HACCP Food Safety Certified
  • Warehouse Inventory
  • Menu Base Stock Ordering
  • Accommodation Management
  • OFS Safety Management
  • Maintenance Management
Gerehu Logistics Warehouse


OILMIN has a fleet of low hour and well-maintained equipment that has been utilized for remote construction projects such as the construction of rig pads. Typically, these sites are so remote that the first step is for our insertion crews to mobilize and clear an area for the construction of helipads so that the construction equipment can be brought in. Given the limitations on the lifting capacity of the helicopters, the dozers and excavators need to be disassembled for transportation and then reassembled on location. This is achieved by mobilizing a gantry to site to assist with the reassembly.
The enormity of this task cannot be underestimated and can only be achieved with a crew of experienced mechanics and operators together with heli-portable workshops.
OILMIN has built up an enviable reputation as the remote site experts and to date, we have constructed 12 rig pads for international oil companies.

OILMIN fitter assembling a Komatsu D65 at remote jungle location

Heavy equipment at Port Moresby cutlar point Yard

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  • OILMIN Port Moresby Office:

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